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Tyre fitting services in Stoke-on-Trent 

Replacement tyres for all makes and models

Tyres supplied and fitted to suit all budgets


Are your tyres looking worn? We are Sandyford's premier tyre specialist who can supply and fit tyres from budget ranges to leading brands suitable for your vehicle.

We regularly run special offers, saving you money when you purchase tyres in sets of 2 and 4.

What to expect:

  • Replacement tyres

  • Tyres from the top manufacturers

  • Economy tyres for those who want to spend a little less

  • Tyre checks

  • Free winter tyre checks

  • Special offers when you buy in sets of 2 and 4

  • Tyre fitting

To find your tyre size and current prices click the link below. You only need to iinput your registration plate for a quote.

car tire profile
Stacking Up Tyres on Rack
Free Winter Tyre Checks

Here at Best tyres, we can offer you free tyre checks.

If you are unsure, ensure your tyres are inflated at least once a month and before any long journeys.


Check the condition of your tyres by looking for any lumps, bulges or cracks and remove any objects embedded in tread.

Consider fitting winter weather tyres for the whole winter period.

At temperatures below 7 degrees winter tyres provide much better safety and grip


Benefits of winter tyres:

•Extra grip on the road in cold, wet, frosty or snowy conditions

•Self-cleaning treads don't get blocked up with snow - making   for an easier drive

•Improved handling

•Better braking efficiency

•They help to reduce the chances of skidding and of getting       stuck in snow

•Stopping distances are lessened in poor weather conditions

Contact our team today for a free tyre check, or to book you winter weather tyres.

Contact our team to  find our more information about our FREE winter tyre check - 01782 826266

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